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What’s SV for? is all about your journey as a vegan living in Sydney. It’s all about celebrating your compassionate choices, being at ease with being a vegan both in your home, and out in your city, all without losing your social life.

I became a vegetarian at the age of nine. Over the past decade, I’ve learned what establishments naturally cater to vegetarians, and what to order from a varied menu. It’s a skill that comes from a lifestyle of eating out after school, during birthday parties or going out with friends.

I’ve recently become vegan. Although it’s new for me to peruse the menus for vegan items, and the streets for places that might serve vegan, I would like to share with you my findings, so that you yourself would feel more comfortable eating out, going out, and being Socially Vegan.

Because no-one can live a life eating out all the time, and dinner parties are immense fun, I’ll provide here recipes that I’ve tested, discovered or created.

If you would like to request any particular food, or restaurants in a specific area of Sydney, the please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I love feedback, so please go on ahead.

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