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Arthur’s Immortal Salad

Posted on Dec 26, 2010 by in Recipes | 0 comments

My father, Arthur makes the best salads. He’s been raw vegan for a while now, and makes the best food.

The reason this salad is so amazing is the following:
Other foods reduce your lifespan. This will extend it. It’s low sugar, so it protects against Type 2 Diabetes. It’s got avocado oil in it, which is an essential fatty acid. It helps clean the arteries rather than clogging them like other oils. It’s got carrots, which are very cleansing for the liver. It’s got broccoli, which is a source of anti-oxidant, protein, iron. In general, a raw salad provides fibre which will help you clean your body naturally every day, protect you against a number of lifestyle diseases including cancer, which 1/3 suffer from. It refreshes your body daily, allowing you to live forever.

Plus it’s yummy.

Immortal Salad


1 avocado
1 zucchini
1 carrot
1 lettuce average size, or half of a big one
1 broccoli
4 tomatoes
A handful of rocket lettuce
2 bunches of bok choy


Grate zucchini, carrots. The smaller the better for your digestion as they contain coarse fibre.

Cut everything else into small fine pieces. The smaller the better.

Halve avocados, cut up to the skin into diamond shapes, scoop the diamond shapes with a spoon and mix into the salad.

You can add salt if you like, buy we do not. The broccoli and rocket lettuce are so natural, they’re great for the body. If you add chlorine, it changes the chemical environment of the stomach, changing it from alkaline to acidic. Therefore we avoid salt in is salad.

This salad makes six servings. It’s better when you share. You could have it alone, but sharing always brings more benefit. Especially when the seventh person is God, the creator. We’re eating his creations, after all. Plus God is a gracious guest and always eats very little.

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