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Au Lac Vegan at the Vegan Expo

Posted on May 2, 2010 by in Food Products | 0 comments

Au Lac Vegan is giving out free samples here to the left of the stage.
Chantel was inspired to start importing vegan products on a recent trip to Vietnam (Au Lac). Staying with a vegan/vegetarian family, she realized that Vietnam had much larger variety of vegan alternatives.
Seeing her friends and colleagues complain about the lack of vegan products, and the blandness of tastes available, she decided to start importing products to help those of us who want to become vegan do to so with ease.
Talking to Chantel, you can see her excitement about her range of meat alternatives, as she gives cooking tips, and recommendations.
Sampling today, a couple of burgers, and Vegan Shredded Chicken Meat, which she has soaked, seasoned and fried.
For over a dozen years, I’ve been eating meat alternatives, but this blew my mind. Standing here talking to her, all I can think about is making this at home as a crispy little snack, or to add in a salad.
This lovely lady also provides my Non-Alcoholic Peach and Apple Beers, so she has a special place in my heart.
Chantel talks about how she wants to entice potential vegans by how tasty and versatile a vegan diet can be. She does everything with a positivity and love that create a wonderful light around her.
She knows that too many people see vegans as a negative society, that always talk down their choices and make them feel bad about themselves. Her approach is to approach with compassion. Deep down, she says, we’re all drawn towards compassion. All you have to do is provide the option.
Which she is indeed doing with grace.
Au Lac Vegan is her website, where you can also find information on her free cooking classes.
Au Lac Vegan are also providing these products for supermarkets and restaurants. Happy Vegan, found on 11/68 John Street, Cabramatta, (02) 9728 7052; and Au Lac Vegan, 94B John Street, Cabramatta, (02) 9727 5116; are just a few.

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