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Helen’s Rice Paper Rolls

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by in Recipes | 0 comments

Helen's Rice Paper Rolls

Our lovely neighbour (I use the term loosely) Helen makes these amazingly delicious and light rice paper rolls. She uses fresh ingredients, mostly raw, and a light sauce to make them so epicly delicious.


Rice paper sheets
Capsicum (bell pepper) green and red
Your favourite herbs
Tomoto sauce / Ketchup
Mushroom “Oyster” sauce


Boil some water. Place the water in a bowl or large plate. One sheet at a time, submerge the rice paper roll into the water. Then lay onto a flat plate.
Grate carrots. Cut capsicums, cucumbers, lettuce into long thin slices.
Chop cashews into small pieces.
Mix tomato and mushroom sauce together.
Compile a roll with a little bit of everything. Add some sauce and herbs.

You can always add any kind of seitan, soy meat, tofu. But the fresher the ingredients, and the more watery, the lighter it will be. Therefore more refreshing and awesome. Or, make your own little sauce. Experiment and see what you like.

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