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Appreciating Badde Manors

Posted on May 8, 2009 by in Eating Out | 0 comments

Badde Manors Tofu Burger I do love visiting Glebe. The inner west has a variety of delicious things to consume. I also love restaurants that make it delectably easy to order a vegan meal by marking it on the menu. So, kudos Badde Manors. Also, epic name.

Restaurant Name: Badde Manors Cafe
Address: 1/37 Glebe Point Road, Sydney NSW 2037
Phone Number: 9660 3797
Menu: available on the website
Zara’s Pick: Tofu Burger served with spiced peanut sauce & fresh salad ($9.50). Apple Cider and Lemon Sorbet ($4.50) Total meal $14.00.

I was surprised to first hear of this place. The second time around, I investigated to make sure that it was all vegetarian, and was happy to find out that the vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. I completely loved my visit there, as I felt completely safe in ordering the food, and the apple cider is simply beautiful.

I must warn you that the little room in the back is considered “outside”, so people will blow smoke in your face.

Here are some more delicious favourites from Badde Manors. Vegan nachos, bruschetta, and the stacks.

Vegan Nachos at Badde Manors

Bruschetta at Badde Manors
Vegan Nachos at Badde Manors

Stacks at Badde Manors

Bruschetta at Badde Manors

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