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Veg Puffs

Posted on Dec 27, 2010 by in Food Products | 1 comment

Also known as Veg. Shrimp Flavoured Chips. These babies are from Au Lac Vegan, and cost a couple of dollars at the most.

You may remember these chips as Prawn Chips, but these fluffy, crunchy bites of awesome are completely vegan. They have the same amazing texture, and as best as I recall, the same taste.

You make them by deep frying them. The key to making them perfect is a low heat, and only throwing in a few chips at a time, then popping them out. If they burn, turn the heat down. Find the perfect temperature to create them larger and larger.

If you pop them on your tongue, it tingles.

1 Comment

  1. These are so yummy! :)

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